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Why Storage?

A standard grid-tied system is legally required to shut off in the case of a grid failure, leaving your home without power. With our systems, there is no need to worry abut power outages. ​Lights, refrigerators, medical devices and other critical loads will remain operational even when the grid is down. 
Beginning in 2017, the price you pay for electricity will vary depending on the time of day. This means that excess energy generated by your panels and exported to the grid during peak sun intensity hours may not be exchanged for the same amount energy after the sun goes down. The days of using the grid as a "free battery" are over. Our batteries charge when energy is cheap (or free when charging off solar panels) and discharge when energy is more expensive. 
The grid will still be there. You just won't need it. Many of our customers have reported zero grid off-take since their system was installed. Some of these people own electric cars and have not spent a dime on fuel either. The ability to produce all of the energy that you consume is a very real possibility that is just now being realized in San Diego.
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